The TIEPCO Package Substation conforms to the latest IEC standard and is designed and manufactured utilizing the in house expertise and state of the art technology, fully taking into account the present and future power system requirement of its clients.

TIEPCO manufactured Package substation has following salient features:

  • Is up to 17.5KV or 36kV on HV side and up to 480V on LV side
  • Main busbar rating up to 630A on HV side and up to 3000A on LV side.
  • Upto 3150 kVA

Technical Specifications:


MV compartment – having ring main unit
Rated Voltage 17.5KV 36KV
Operating Voltage 13.8KV 33KV
Impulse Withstand Voltage 95KV 170KV – 200KV
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 38KV 70KV- 85KV
Short Time Current 21KA /1s 25KA/1s
Busbar Current UP TO 630A
Auxiliary Voltage 220VAC
Transformer compartment – having transformer
Rated Voltage 17.5KV 36KV
Rated Capacity Max. 2500 KVA Max 3150 KVA
Rated Primary Voltage 13.8KV 33KV
Rated Secondary Voltage UP TO 480VAC
Cooling ONAN
Paint RAL7033
Low voltage compartment- having lv switchgear
As per client / project SLD requirement Main Busbar upto 3000A
Service conditions:
Altitude Upto 1000M a.m.s.l
Ambient Temperature From -5°C TO +40°C
Humidity Average Value Over 24h < 95%
Environment Normal Unpolluted
Internal Protection Degree IP3X
Accessibility Four Sides
Color RAL 7033
Cable Inputs Bottom
Cable Outputs Bottom