The TIEPCO Low Voltage Control KIOSK conforms to the latest IEC 60439-1 standard and is designed and manufactured utilizing the in house expertise and state of the art technology, fully taking into account the control requirements of industrial customer.

TIEPCO LVCK has the following salient features:

  • Is up to 1000VAC
  • Main busbar rating up to 400A with density of 1.5Amp/mm2 or as per customer needs.
  • Up to 36KA, indoor or outdoor installation,
  • Form 1 for customer safety requirement.
  • High reliability as designed to the excessive temperature of the region.
  • Easy handling as control switches and monitoring equipment are installed at a height appropriate for user.

Technical Specification:

Standard IEC-60439-1
Rated insulation voltage 1000VAC
Rated voltage 690VAC
Altitude Up to 1000m ASL
Installation Indoor
System 3Ø,4W+G(Neutral bus=half capacity of phase bus, Ground bus=max .50x10)
Rated Phase Busbar current up to 400A (Density of 1.5Amp/mm2) bare
Form 1
Cable entry Bottom
Auxiliary Control circuits 220VAC, internal(control transformer/direct to busbar)
Equipment mounting Fixed
Protection degree outer cover IP65
Protection degree inner partitions IP20
Paint RAL 7035 / RAL 7033
Connection Access Front
Busbar identification RYB phase marking
Labeling Phenolic (with WBW or BWB) riveted