Corporate Values

To maintain the utmost quality in our products and to make sure our valued customers get the best possible, at our manufacturing plant, we work with the slogan “Getting it right from the start” as the daily agenda. We keep our strong human values system at the core of all our business strategies and pursue the organization goals.

At TIEPCO, quality is what gets the priority

We aim for the best possible quality in all our products from the moment they are planned to the moment they are dispatched, and beyond.

We make sure our products are well planned and well-constructed. From the blueprints to the instructions, and right down to the finished product, we follow the standards set out by the IEC/ISO.

Following are our core values, these are at the centre of our organization and our business:

  • Credibility, mutual respect, reliability
  • Customer loyalty
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Working in a friendly environment
  • Human capital is our greatest assets
  • Quality is uncompromised