The TIEPCO’s Metered Ring Main Unit – a Medium Voltage Switchgear made specifically to Saudi Electricity Company’s specifications 32-SDMS-02, 32-SDMS-05 & 32-SDMS-06 – conforms to the latest IEC 602271-200 standard, and is designed and manufactured utilizing the in house expertise and state of the art technology for primary portion from SEL Italy. TIEPCO takes pride in declaring itself the market leader for MRMUs.


  • Metal-enclosed, air-insulated switchgear.
  • Suitable for medium voltage distribution.
  • Guaranteed arc-proof units.
  • Factory-tested for indoor installations.
  • Tested in accordance with the main international Standards.
  • Wide range of functional units available for all installation solutions.
  • Modular structure, easily built-up.
  • Highly effective use of space.
  • Start-up, maintenance and service operations can be carried out from the front.
  • Apparatus handling with the door closed.
  • Complete with mechanical safety interlocks.
  • Earthing switch with full making capacity.
  • Maximum service continuity guaranteed.
  • Available in 13.8kV, 36kV and 38kV range.
  • Main busbar rating up to 630A.
  • Available for indoor and outdoor installation.

Technical Specifications:

Rated Voltage 17.5KV 36KV 38KV
Operating Voltage 13.8KV 33KV 34.5
Impulse Withstand Voltage 95KV 170-200KV 200KV
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 38KV 70KV- 85KV 110KV
Short Time Current 21kA/1s 25kA/1s 25kA/1s
Peak Rated Current 52.5KA 62.5kA 62.5kA
Busbar Current UP TO 630A
Frequency 60Hz
Auxiliary Voltage 220VAC/24VDC
External Protection Degree IP3X
Accessibility FRONT
Busbar Treatment BARE COPPER
Door & Front Panel Painting RAL 7033
Cable Inputs BOTTOM
Cable Outputs BOTTOM
Service Conditions:
Altitude 1000M ABOVE SEA LEVEL
Ambient Temperature FROM -5°C TO +40°C
Humidity AVE. VALUE OVER 24H < 95%
Applicable Standard: SEC 32-SDMS – 02, 05 & 06 IEC 62271-100,IEc 62271- 102,IEC 62271- 103 & IEC 62271- 200